Project Description

Politics is a neutron around which all energies grow and lighten up all. We believe once the political system will be organized with skilled professionals working for it, there would be no need of extra social or progressive services. This very thought of molding rookies into an adept triggered us to set one floor for all fanatical intellects shaping a refined political army. Nacion Developers and Consultants (NDC) is a Pvt. Ltd. Co. envisioned, supported and amended by some reformers who are the founder members. NDC would be giving a floor to novel minds from all sections of society to provide required services to the standing public representative. An assistant is required by all politicians either MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) or MP (Member of Parliament) to assist them in political proceedings, developmental works, policy implementation and all other miscellaneous works including IT, education, environment/agriculture, media and industries.

Project Details
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  • Status: done
  • Skills: web designing